We make a Difference!

To be the preferred One-Stop Integrated Factory Automation partner, the Group is underpinned with design & development team, and undergirded with vertically integrated customized sheet metal fabrication facility, precision CNC micro machining facility and equipment automation assembly processes.

Integrated Factory and Automation Equipment Solution

We are offering integrated electronic mechanization conceptual design and the best possible integrated automation solutions to fulfill an optimally efficient, automated factory lines requirement. All our systems can be easily modularly integrated with other systems resulting in a fully automated lights-off production. We offer on-site installation and support.

Conceptualizing, designing, assembling, and commissioning of automated equipment and production line systems (comprising multiple automated equipment) for customers’ factory manufacturing lines.

Automation & Engineering Services

 Automation Conceptual Design

Engineering & Development

Assembly, Test & Commissioning

 On-Site Installation & Support

Automation Customization & Solutions

Laser Marking Equipment

Smart Humidity Storage System

Vacuum Chamber

Glass Wafer Separation Equipment

Tools Cut Equipment

Robotic Handling Equipment

Hard Disk Equipment

Assembly System

Testing System

Vision Inspection System

Precision CNC Micro Machining

We believe in continuous investment in advanced technology, state-of-the-art, CNC Multi-Axis machinery to be one of the cornerstones contributing to our One Stop Factory Integration of automation equipment solutions provider. Our dedication ensures that we can produce CNC machined components faster, efficiently and consistently, to the highest quality.

Metal blocks are processed into intermediate metal products. Excess metals are removed to form the precision machined components required by customers. The type of processes used are milling, turning, surface grinding and EDM cutting to produce precision machined components with micron tolerance finishes.

CNC Machining & Tooling

Customization and build-to-order CNC machining and tooling equipment.

 CNC Milling (3-axis)

 CNC Turn-Mill

CNC Milling (5-axis)

CNC Turning

Large Format 5 Faces



Surface Grinding

CNC Wirecut

Customized Sheet Metal Fabrication

We offer the complete customized sheet metal fabrication service from design to manufacturing, namely, laser cutting, turret punch, laser tube cutting, bending, welding, deburring, and mirror polishing.

Sheet metals are processed into intermediate metal products such as metal piece-parts. The type of processes used are cutting, bending, welding, deburring and polishing with the use of machinery and equipment to achieve the design and specification required by customers.

Customized Sheet Metal Fabrication

Customized sheet metal fabrication services for medium to high volume orders.

Laser Cut

Fibre Optic Laser


Laser Cut & Punch

Laser, TIG, MIG, Spot Welding


Laser Tube Cutting

Robotic Welding

Hairline Polishing

Mechanical & Integrated
Modular Assembly

We provide sub-module and full mechanical assembly services where we assemble metal piece-parts into machine structures, enclosures, chassis, jigs and fixtures, and many other forms of assembly in semiconductor, solar PV, E&E and other industries.

Sub-module assembly are sub-assembled products which may undergo further assembly processes. Full assembly products are finished machine structures which are ready for delivery.

Equipment / Machinery Contract Manufacturing Service

Engineering expertise to efficiently design, fabricate, assemble
and install complex assemblies, equipment, instruments, and systems.

Quality Assurance

As an ISO 9001 certified company, SFP Group of Companies strives to exceed our valued customers’ expectations through our commitment in the following policies:

Customer Satisfaction

By exceeding customers’
overall requirements.

Technical capabilities

Through design & development & product innovation.

Total Quality Management System

To enhance operational efficiency & effectiveness, resulting in quality productivity.